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The meaning of “LOCK” (樂) is happiness, enjoyment, fortune. Simply speaking, LockCha wants our customers to enjoy a good tea happily and easily. Our concept of good tea is: 1. Delicious; 2. Healthy; 3. Value-worth; 4. Good-hearted. Therefore, LockCha sends experts to small farms to source and import teas directly; have a laboratory to directly control tea safety; spends least on packing frills; and LockCha posts no advertisements in order to make our teas money worth. Furthermore, LockCha encourages and helps tea farmers to conserve, develop, and produce authentic good quality tea. We take pride in our best attention to be environmental friendly and fair-trading.

Promotion & Events

LockCha Christmas 6 Kinds of Floral Tea Gift Set Promotion

This special gift set by LockCha features 6 kinds of floral teas for the festive season, a colourful gift for all tea-lovers!

Includes Slimmate Tea 12g, Osmanthus Phoenix Oolong 9g, Chrysanthemum Pu'er 10g, Jasmine Pearl Green Tea 20g, Peppermint Red Tea 9g, Asian Pigeonwings Longjing 6g.

Original price: $238

After discount: $178

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From now to 31 December 2022, TK Fans will receive a pair of TK Festive Limited Edition – Socks of Joy when using TK Treats e-vouchers! First-come-first-served while stocks last.。

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LockCha Tea Shop - A free can of LockCha Beer upon any purchase

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  1. The promotion period is from 13 June to 31 December 2022. 
  2. During the promotion period, TK Fans will receive a TK Treats email at the beginning of each month with the special offer QR code.
  3. New TK Fans will receive a welcome email  together with "TK Treats" e-vouchers instantly.
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LockCha Tea Shop

Enjoy a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of the city by visiting an authentic tea house situated at our Parade Ground. There you can explore the world of tea with the Tea Master - Ip Wing Chi, who is sure to fill your soul with inspiration.

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