Magistracy Dining Room

Magistracy Dining Room

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Tue-Sun | 6pm-12am
03 Jan 2023 (Tue) |closed
02, 09 Jan 2023 (Mon)|6pm-12am


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The Central Magistracy, which had served as an annexe to Hong Kong's Supreme Court and Western Magistracy, was decommissioned and ceased its judiciary functions in early 1985, bringing an end to its historical saga. For the next 40 plus years, it underwent many transformations for varied purposes, but the passageways still serve as a reminder of the city's past. Now, Black Sheep Restaurants has embraced the opportunity to transform the monument into a space whose foundation is a dedication to world-class storytelling and hospitality.

Housed in the historic building, Magistracy Dining Room is the first of many new stories shaped by the industry-leading hospitality team. Inspired by some of London’s oldest restaurants, powerful dining rooms steeped in heritage and history, where the community might have frequented for special occasions and where the grand settings are as notable as the food and elegantly dressed captains are the performers and stars of the show.

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